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Cleansing the streets of impurity. No-go-area, cruel society.
Feeble minds, dirty hands that's all they see, ignoring the facts.
Keep your image clean and white, while others just try to stay alive.
Celebrating events worldwide, keep their poverty out of sight.

Living like slaves in a world of wealth. When there are plenty of them why should we think about their health?
Incision the lives of people who can't defend, just to please those who can not see.

Prejudged by their low moral standards our so called modern civilization made them live in.
Addiction, suffering, pain - we are to blame.
Human trafficking, modern slavery, the downfall of humanity

Nothing will ever change if we don't change.
We are the cause. We are the solution.


from Never Satisfied, released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved



xMomox is a Hardcore-Band from Europe, founded in 2010 by some former members of xBreed Apartx. Their first Show was played in 2011. In July 2012 the first three song-EP was published on CD. In 2013 the album "Stop time and breakout" will follow. xMomox is spreading variously critical issues in their lyrics. All members of the band are vegan and straight edge. ... more

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