Boiling Point

from by xMOMOx



Pounding in my head again! Will history repeat itself?
Every resistance is crumbling down under the strain of violence.

Right before our eyes demons are arising from hate.
Fed by lies, spread by hatemongers - our time is running out!

Apathy has bound us and peer pressure is gagging us.
Immorality risen by wealth, our convenience is the enemy.

NO RETREAT - or the weak will fall
NO SURRENDER - the responsibilty is in our hands
NO COMPROMISE - don't close your eyes

It's on us to end their reign.
A century has passed, as fascism rises against.
There's no mercy for their kind. The Opportunities to change have passed.
They've determined their path of hate, their fate.

Knock at the doors, kick in their barriers
Fist to the face, knife in the back.
Actions must be taken, to save defenceless lifes.

The persecution of minorities must stop at any costs.


from Never Satisfied, released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved



xMomox is a Hardcore-Band from Europe, founded in 2010 by some former members of xBreed Apartx. Their first Show was played in 2011. In July 2012 the first three song-EP was published on CD. In 2013 the album "Stop time and breakout" will follow. xMomox is spreading variously critical issues in their lyrics. All members of the band are vegan and straight edge. ... more

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