Never Satisfied

by xMOMOx



released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved



xMomox is a Hardcore-Band from Europe, founded in 2010 by some former members of xBreed Apartx. Their first Show was played in 2011. In July 2012 the first three song-EP was published on CD. In 2013 the album "Stop time and breakout" will follow. xMomox is spreading variously critical issues in their lyrics. All members of the band are vegan and straight edge. ... more

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Track Name: Hybris
Cleansing the streets of impurity. No-go-area, cruel society.
Feeble minds, dirty hands that's all they see, ignoring the facts.
Keep your image clean and white, while others just try to stay alive.
Celebrating events worldwide, keep their poverty out of sight.

Living like slaves in a world of wealth. When there are plenty of them why should we think about their health?
Incision the lives of people who can't defend, just to please those who can not see.

Prejudged by their low moral standards our so called modern civilization made them live in.
Addiction, suffering, pain - we are to blame.
Human trafficking, modern slavery, the downfall of humanity

Nothing will ever change if we don't change.
We are the cause. We are the solution.
Track Name: Boiling Point
Pounding in my head again! Will history repeat itself?
Every resistance is crumbling down under the strain of violence.

Right before our eyes demons are arising from hate.
Fed by lies, spread by hatemongers - our time is running out!

Apathy has bound us and peer pressure is gagging us.
Immorality risen by wealth, our convenience is the enemy.

NO RETREAT - or the weak will fall
NO SURRENDER - the responsibilty is in our hands
NO COMPROMISE - don't close your eyes

It's on us to end their reign.
A century has passed, as fascism rises against.
There's no mercy for their kind. The Opportunities to change have passed.
They've determined their path of hate, their fate.

Knock at the doors, kick in their barriers
Fist to the face, knife in the back.
Actions must be taken, to save defenceless lifes.

The persecution of minorities must stop at any costs.
Track Name: Never Satisfied
We are lost! Lost in the fog of perpetual confusion.
Forced to eat from the plates served by psychological research.
Yawing for products we don't need.

Materialism is definition
Restlessness is satisfaction
Consumerism is aspiration
Competition is fulfilment

Like a plague we keep ravaging
Fertile fields, now barren ground
Some are born to consume, others are born be consumed.
Our guilt is silenced through distraction.

Empty minds, empty souls, empty bodies

Raised into selfishness, brought up to stamp down
Destination abnegation.

We are lost! Lost in the fog of perpetual confusion.
Forced to eat from the plates served by psychological research,
to define ourselves by greed
Track Name: Delusion
Well structured paths to lead their lifes. Written down to outlive.
Self-proclaimed prophets leading countless sheeps to the slaughter, in the name of salvation.
For salvation, for levitation, for lamentation.
Weak minded people are clinging on the words of few, who are using false pretences to control, to exploit, to abuse.

There is no right and wrong, only common sense and the hell we create.

Life becomes hell, when lead by others.
Free will is dead, when caged by believes.
Morality is outgunned, when fiction reigns.
Hope is dying in the hands of faith.

There is no heaven, there is no hell.
Just the consequences of our actions.
God is dead and he always has been.
Track Name: Bad Blood
People of disease, systems of disease
that hate and bitterness consumes my mind
Addicted, blinded, embraced by ignorance
your aggressions and simplicity leads to violence

Your loss of control is the guide to our extinction
I can't stand your way of life, it must vanish into oblivion
The thought of being with you drags me to the ground
For your lack of empathy we pay the highest price

Set ablaze the thoughts, the hearts, the mind
Get enlightened and burn or burst in the flames
The fire it burns like thousand suns
I'm the steel that gets strong in the flames
Track Name: Deadly Gases
An explosion but no warning
deadly gases while they are sleeping

No salvation, no aid,
just let happening the destiny
of capitalism

An explosion but no warning
the MIC is killing

No salvation, no aid,
just let happening the destiny
of intoxication

This is murder

Producing still your welfare
these people died for you
you are responsible
for the Bhopal Disaster
you are responsible
for lethal gas disasters

Burned skin, Cancer and Mutilation,
children die
Track Name: Lifestyle
Today’s everybody’s darling, tomorrows leftover waste
Standing tall in the brightest lights (you’re the one to idolize)

But your tanned bodies can’t hide your abuse
Years of escapism left their marks

Dragged down by substances that keep your ego high
You’re going down, take a look (in the mirror) – the end is nigh

Pale skin, rotten teeth but still alive
Begging for mercy, everyone can hear your cries

Left alone as you rot, weakened by your lifestyle
you notice your mistakes

Drug abuse and dissipation is not a way to live your life
it will only lead you to your grave.
Track Name: Bring It Down
Thousands of humans escaping
from their security
from their homes
from their lifes

Political systems changing
mass murder may end
but fear’s still alive
it’s still alive

Burned in their minds they see
their families broken
their dead brothers
their dead sisters
their life alone
their life in fear
No life!

Thousands of humans escaping
Have you ever thought about the causes?
It’s up to you to change the view on nation-building, on human rights

Now FRONTEX is “guarding”in the Mediterranean
no human rights
just nationalist thoughts
No worth of human life
just “flows of refugees”
End this selection!
Bring FRONTEX down!
Bring them down!
Bring it down!